Community Engagement


The Ruth Page Civic Ballet is committed to engaging meaningfully with the communities we work with. When possible, we will provide roles in your area for up to 32 dancers ages 7 through adult:

Up to 12 Toy Soldiers (Beginners, ages 7-10)
Up to 6 Mice (Advanced Adults, strong enough to lift children)
Up to 8 Bonbons (Intermediate, ages 9-11)
Up to 4 Coffee Girls/Arabian dancers (Intermediate, ages 11-14)
Up to 2 Trepak Women/Russian dancers (Advanced, ages 13-18)

The Nutcracker Community Cast Program depends on the ability of the community to produce a Rehearsal Director with whom we feel can effectively teach our choreography.  Please inquire for more information.

Technical Rider

2018 Technical and Performance Requirements

Performance Requirements

I. Facility

A. A Marley dance floor is to be provided.

B. Preferable stage size (performance space) is 44 feet wide by 30 feet deep by 20 feet high with a minimum 2 foot crossover.    Stage and wings must be completely clear and clean before rehearsal and performance.

C. Adequate and well-heated dressing room space is to be provided for the total company (preferably with garment racks, mirrors, well lit, and with running water and private washrooms):
           -One or two private dressing rooms for up to 4 Principal Dancers
           -One dressing room for up to 20 adult male-identifying cast members (can be split into smaller      rooms).
           -One dressing room for up to 25 female-identifying cast members (can be split into smaller               rooms).
           -A large space such as a multi-purpose room or additional large dressing room for the children’s
           cast (up to 35 children plus chaperones)

D. Adequate and secure storage space in the theatre is to be provided for the company property during residency.

E. All visitors shall be excluded from the theatre during set-up and rehearsal periods unless permission is obtained from the company in advance.

F. The stage area shall be properly heated (70-72 °F, 21-22 °C), swept, and alcohol-damp mopped immediately prior to all rehearsals and performances, and made free of debris such as nails, screws, staples, tacks, etc. No detergents or cleansers are to be used to clean the floor.

G. Iron, ironing board, and steamer shall be available upon arrival.

H. Warm-Up space to be utilized prior to rehearsals and performances, such as a dance studio with capacity of at least 50, with capabililty for playing sound.   This space must have floors that are safe for dancing.

                  I. Parking for two 24’ box trucks

                  J. 1 Prop tables SL & SR (2 total)

                  K. 4 20 amp circuits for 2 Dry Ice Foggers (2 USL, 2 USR)

                  L. Dry Ice


II. Equipment Requirements

A. Stage equipment, including lighting and sound system, as may be in the possession of the    
     theatre shall be readily available for use by the Company.

B. Lighting

 See attached Lighting Plot

D. Scenery

The Company travels with the following scenery


1 Christmas Tree

1 Clock Unit (w Stair Unit)

1 rolling chair

1 cardboard cannon

4 rolling “poof” chairs

1 rolling platform

1 sleigh

1 snow bag

Snow Legs

16 strips of fabric (to be hung on 2 pipes)

D. Sound:  

1/8” input - The Company will provide Audio via Qlab on a Laptop

1 Microphone for VOG at the tech table for rehearsal

13 Wireless Body mics

Clear Com Headsets and Belt Packs

House PA system

4 Monitor speakers (2-way high/low) for backstage

III. Personnel Requirements

A.   A Senior Stage Technician who has the necessary decision-making authority for the theatre shall always be present during setup, rehearsal(s), and strike, as well as the Performance(s).

B.   The Senior Stage Technician and additional crew of at least six persons shall be available beginning at for set-up, focus, and any technical or dress rehearsals.

C.   A rehearsal/performance crew shall be at least six persons: 4 deck, 1 fly, 1 sound operator, 1 light board operator.  The same crew used in technical rehearsal must be used during dress rehearsal and performance.